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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Small Chips or Cracks in Your Windshield

You’re on your way to work when a seemingly tiny piece of debris impacts your windshield. Maybe the vehicle in front of you kicked up rocks, or a passing truck dropped corn kernels on the road. When you pull into the parking lot, you notice that there’s a small chip in the glass. Is it important to get your cracked windshield fixed right away, or should you just ignore it for now?

Why Ignoring a Cracked Windshield is Dangerous

With something as crucial as a windshield, it pays to make sure you’re protected when driving. Even though small chips may seem mostly harmless, the truth is that they can put you in danger. There are three main reasons why you need to repair a cracked windshield immediately.

First of all, cracks reduce the integrity of the glass. Auto glass is tempered to increase its strength, meaning that it’s under a lot of stress. If you get into an accident, an already damaged windshield may not protect you as it should.

Second, chips don’t stay small for long. Bumps, potholes, sharp turns, strong winds, and Arizona’s intense heat can quickly turn a slight crack into a huge break. This can require you to replace the entire windshield instead of fixing a minor chip.

Finally, windshield damage causes problems with road visibility. For example, if it’s raining heavily, a large crack can prevent you from seeing a deer crossing the road, or at least slow down your reaction time. This is one reason why many states impose fines for cracked windshields.

How Calling a Professional to Fix a Chipped Windshield Helps

When you contact an auto glass repair expert, you can fix a chipped or cracked windshield right away. If you want the repair to last, however, it’s important to call right away. Here’s why:

Preventing additional damage: Small chips can expand quickly, especially in extremely hot or cold weather. A professional uses special tools and state-of-the-art resin to fill in the crack or chip. This restores the windshield’s strength and stops cracks from expanding.

Ensuring good adhesion: A common mistake is to wait a day or two before driving to the glass repair shop. The problem is that once dirt and contaminants get into a crack, they’re almost impossible to remove. Professionals can usually still repair the damage, but cracks are more visible.

Keeping moisture out: The resin used in expert windshield repairs gives the glass a watertight seal. This is important because any moisture that leaks into cracks can speed up the damage. Moisture can also lead to fog inside glass layers, leading to severe visibility issues. Professionals know how to apply sealant correctly to keep this from happening.

Of course, the most important reason to repair damaged glass immediately is to keep yourself and your loved ones safe and sound. Whether your windshield needs minor repairs or total replacement, take care of things immediately. That way, the glass protects you from unexpected impacts and gives you a clear view of the road ahead.

When Requesting Auto Glass Replacement is Necessary

Sometimes, the damage to car windows is too extensive, and auto glass replacement is the only option. How can you tell? Here are a few signs that a new windshield is your best option:

  • Four or more chips

  • Chip directly in your line of sight

  • Several smaller cracks

  • Any crack larger than six inches

  • Damage at the edges of the windshield

Contact Clear View Glass & Tint for Windshield Replacement and Repair Today!

Fortunately, our glass professionals can take care of emergency glass replacement as soon as you call. At Clear View Glass & Tint, we make things even easier for you with our onsite services. We can visit your location for instant repairs and high-quality windshield replacement. Whether your car is in a work parking lot in Phoenix or stuck on a side road outside of Tucson, we’re happy to go to you. To request assistance, contact us right away.

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