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Clear View Glass & Tint.


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Is there a cost for my Windshield Replacement if I have insurance?


If you carry full coverage auto insurance in Arizona, you pay $0 for your windshield replacement?  Arizona is a “Full Glass Coverage” State, meaning that, in most cases, your insurance covers 100% of the cost and you pay nothing out of pocket. Your deductible does not apply when it comes to replacing your windshield, or any other piece of glass on your vehicle, including sunroofs and panoramic glass roofs. Not sure if you’re covered?  Give us a call and we’ll contact your insurance company for you.


How is Clear View able to give cash back?

Like other businesses, glass companies have a profit margin.  Larger companies, like Clear View, have more buying power and can purchase the same original equipment glass as our competitors, but at a lower cost. This results in a higher margin for the company.  And Instead of spending these extra dollars on radio or TV, we pass a share of these proceeds on to our customers in the form of cash back promotions. Yes, we pay you when we replace your windshield. 

Is my insurance company being charged more because of the cash back promotion?


The answer to this question is NO, your insurance company is not being gouged because you are receiving cash back. 


Insurance companies pay auto glass companies on what’s known as an “offer and acceptance” basis. This means that there is a predetermined price, set by your insurance company, for every windshield replacement. Your insurance company knows what it costs to replace your windshield, they set the price. A glass company cannot bill your insurance carrier any additional dollars beyond their set price. If a glass company does not accept the price offered by your insurance carrier, they simply won’t perform the work and the customer will have to go elsewhere for service. Clear View Glass and Tint is a preferred auto glass vendor with all insurance companies, and we accept all insurance pricing.  The cash you receive is paid out of Clear View’s margin; it is a part of our advertising budget.

No Cost Replacement Explained.


Clear View Glass & Tint’s Promise To You

If you need a reliable company to repair or replace your windshield, trust Clear View to provide you with the best service possible. Choose whether to bring your vehicle to our shop or take advantage of our mobile services and let us come to you for no extra cost. Our certified technicians can fix any glass-related issue with your vehicle or RV, whether it’s a crack in the front windshield, a broken side window, broken rear windshield, or a broken sunroof, contact us today to get a free quote and schedule an appointment.

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