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What Is ADAS and What Does It Stand For?

If your vehicle was made in 2013 or newer the likelihood of some form of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) is very high. Driver lane assist, lane departure warning, heads up display, or even rain sensing wipers are all features your car may possess.   Most of these sensors are located in the vehicle's front windshield.

Unfortunately, damage to the windshield can cause these features not to function properly.  Furthermore, if your windshield requires replacement, re-calibration of the system is required.

Many glass companies can replace your auto glass, but the calibration requirements that follow can be a hassle (and potentially expensive).

Clear View Glass and Tint partners with Jacksons Total Car Care and First Class Auto to provide top-grade re-calibration services without the hassle of going to the dealerships.  In many cases, we can schedule the calibration service to be performed with our mobile installation service, saving you additional trips to dealerships or service shops.  Finally, Clear View will handle the billing with your insurance company, ensuring you aren't hit with additional, unwarranted, surprise costs (Clear View can direct bill the insurance companies; dealerships generally cannot).


Clear View Glass and Tint is the local choice for ADAS Calibration

Recalibration of your vehicles forward facing camera system may be recommended after having a windshield replaced.  These systems are called ADAS, or Advanced Driver Assistance Safety Systems and include Lane departure Warning System, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Keep Assist, Forward Collision Alert, Blind Spot Monitoring, as well as others. In most cases the system sensors are integrated into the windshield and once disconnected or disturbed during the replacement process it should be re-calibrated to make sure it is working properly.

Clear View Glass & Tint’s Promise To You

If you need a reliable company to repair or replace your windshield, trust Clear View to provide you with the best service possible. Choose whether to bring your vehicle to our shop or take advantage of our mobile services and let us come to you for no extra cost. Our certified technicians can fix any glass-related issue with your vehicle or RV, whether it’s a crack in the front windshield, a broken side window, broken rear windshield, or a broken sunroof, contact us today to get a free quote and schedule an appointment.

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