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Can Heat Crack a Windshield?

You know that the summer heat can fade your car’s interior and make the seats uncomfortable, but did you know that it can also break the car’s windshield?

Car Glass Crack Due to Heat

Even minor pecks and cracks may be exacerbated by high temperatures causing so much damage that you have to replace the whole glass. Driving around with cracked glass is a significant safety risk that obstructs your vision and distracts you from the road. You want to get it fixed as soon as possible.

The Impact of Warm Weather on Windshields

The windshield on your car is made of two pieces of glass; a thin layer of vinyl sits between them. Minor scratches, cracks, and chips only damage the first layer of glass without reaching the second.

As temperatures rise from the cold of winter through the warmer months of spring, your car’s interior gets warmer. That heat puts pressure on the windshield from the inside out, causing stress — also called a stress crack — on even the smallest damaged areas. When the glass is under stress, the minor imperfections can become more significant.

How to Fix a Cracked Windshield

If the damaged area is small, less than six inches, you may be able to get it repaired without replacing the windshield. However, if your windshield has a more massive crack, the safest option is to have the glass replaced by an auto glass repair/replacement professional as soon as possible.

The best time of year to have the work done is to avoid the risks that come with very high or very low temperatures in the early spring. If you can’t get a replacement immediately, here are some tips.

Park in the shade as often as possible.

Rather than blasting the air conditioner as soon as you get into your hot car, gradually change the interior temperature. Open the doors for a few minutes to let heat escape before you get inside. Try to let the car run for a few minutes before you turn on the air conditioner.

Try not to slam your car doors when getting in or out.

For the best results, look for a professional shop, like Clear View Glass & Tint, that uses OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) glass, which is the same glass used in the factory. Another sign of quality is employees who are certified under the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard guidelines.

Where to Find Help With Repairs in Phoenix & Tucson

In the Phoenix and Tucson areas, Clear View Glass & Tint has been taking care of all of your auto glass needs and more since 2012. We also do tint work on automotive and window glass in your home or office.

Our friendly and knowledgeable professionals are all AGRSS certified, signifying their expertise in the industry. Though we’re one of the largest organizations of our kind in Arizona, we still pride ourselves on being locally owned and providing the best in customer service.

Contact Clear View Glass & Tint in Arizona

Contact us today to get your windshield repair/replacement. We offer same-day or next-day service, and we’ll even come to your home or business for your convenience. Our mobile team can fix many problems at your location.

However, if you prefer to come to us, you don’t even have to have an appointment, and quotes are always free. At Clear View Glass & Tint, we can help with the insurance paperwork, too. Most customers have no out of pocket expense and no increase in premiums due to a glass replacement claim.

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