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Designer Home Window Tinting in Phoenix, AZ

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Locally-Owned Clear View is Phoenix, AZ’s #1 choice for
Designer Home Window Film

Take your home’s interior and exterior design to the next level with our professional home window tinting services.

State-of-the-art window tint provides practical benefits and also offers incredible style.

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Here are a few reasons this option is so popular with Phoenix homeowners:


Comfort/Lower Bill

Keep your home cooler in the Phoenix heat!  Clear View’s professionally installed tint reflects solar heat before it enters your home or business, adding comfort and reducing your A/C bill (you’ll run your air conditioner less!).


UV Protection

Protect furniture, artwork, antiques and more!  Harmful ultraviolet light (UV) causes fading and cracking of your home or business interior.  Clear View’s quality films reject 99% of UV rays before entering.



Clear View’s home and commercial films are a great means for increasing your interior’s privacy without giving up any view.



Adding Clear View’s designer film can also enhance the look of your home.  We offer multiple shade-gradients, colors and reflective features.

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Stay Cool All Year Long

Modern window tinting delivers special layers that reflect a large amount of the sun’s rays. This keeps your home cool despite Arizona’s heat. It’s refreshing to be able to relax at home on the hottest days. Even if the sun is blazing outside, tinted windows provide a huge temperature difference inside.

Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency with High-Tech Window Tint

Blocking solar heat cuts down on the amount of cooling required to keep your home at your ideal temperature, so you get a lower energy bill at the end of the month. In fact, many homeowners use their A/C far less after installing heat-reflective window tinting. Not only does this help you spend less on energy, but it’s also good for the environment.

Create the Ideal Ambience

Our advanced residential window tinting has similar effects on inside temperatures as using blackout curtains, but without limiting your style choices. Choose the curtains that fit your design vision the best, even if they’re transparent and airy. The wonderful thing about window tinting is that it only blocks heat rays, not light. That way, rooms can still have an open, bright, and refreshing ambiance — just minus the heat.

Window tint can also reduce glare. Organize the furniture in your living room, dining room, or home office according to your favorite layout, not according to the direction of sunlight. Watch movies and work on your computer without worrying about the glare in the morning or afternoon.

Protect Your Family from Harmful UV Rays

Our high-quality window films reject 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. This provides numerous benefits for your family’s health, such as keeping skin safe from negative sun effects and free radicals. Did you know that UV rays are the reason paintings tend to fade in sunlight? By applying reflective window coatings to home windows, your paintings and pictures stay vibrant, and interior décor looks amazing for ages.

Give Your Home Amazing Curb Appeal

It’s hard to resist the look of a home with window tinting. Tinted windows add artistic flair and a touch of chic and luxury. The best part is that you have tons of style options to choose from. There are gradient tints, bold colors, and reflective options that take your home’s exterior design to the max.

Enjoy More Privacy

Privacy is important in the home. You shouldn’t have to worry about passersby catching you walking around in your pajamas or having a bad hair day. With reflective window tinting, you can relax completely. High-tech layers prevent people from seeing inside both at night and during the day. At the same time, they let you keep an eye on everything going on outside.

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At Clear View Glass and Tint, we go above and beyond to deliver the window appearance of your dreams. We can answer any questions and offer professional recommendations based on what you’re looking for. We want you to have beautiful windows that protect you and your family. Above all, we want you to be able to enjoy spending time at home with window tinting that keeps you comfy on Arizona’s hottest days. Contact us right away to schedule an appointment in Phoenix, & surrounding areas.

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