TIP: Repair a Rock Chip as Quickly As Possible

A clean windshield is a beautiful thing. Not only does it make your car or truck look amazing, but it also makes driving a lot of fun. It’s not surprising that a sudden windshield chip can feel almost tragic. If this happens to you, scheduling windshield repair should be top on your list of priorities.

Why You Should Take Care of a Windshield Chip ASAP

Here are five reasons why you should never wait to get a windshield chip fixed:
1. To prevent bigger problems: It’s a given that any damage to your windshield always gets worse as time goes on. Moisture, wind, and heat from the sun put stress on the glass, which makes any cracks grow and extend. This applies to chips, too; it doesn’t take long for a small chip to turn into a large crack.
2. To save money: If you let cracks grow, you may have no choice but to replace the entire windshield. We’re always happy to help out, but we want to help you save money just as much as you do.
3. To enjoy an attractive windshield: If you take care of repairs as soon as possible, the fixed area stays almost invisible. That way, your vehicle keeps its shiny and sporty profile. Unfortunately, drivers who wait too long can end up with dirt trapped under the glass, so the windshield looks dirty even after repairs.
4. To ensure a stronger repair: Any kind of dust, debris, and liquid trapped inside the glass weakens the overall strength of repairs. By fixing the problem right away, your windshield lasts ages and looks great.
5. To stay safe on the road: Cracks are distracting, and they get in the way of your visibility. A clear windshield lets you react to emergencies more quickly.

The good news is that windshield repair is a relatively easy and inexpensive process. In other words, there’s no reason to avoid making an appointment ASAP.

Tips for Taking Care of Windshield Repair

Here are a few things to do, and to avoid, to make your windshield repair as smooth as possible:

  • Avoid using windshield washer fluid if possible
  • Tape the windshield
  • Don’t try to handle repairs yourself
  • Avoid extreme temperature changes
  • Schedule professional repairs immediately

Contact Clear View Glass & Tint Today!

Unless you’re a do-it-yourself enthusiast with a lot of experience fixing glass, we don’t recommend handling repairs on your own. Instead, go with the experts at Clear View Glass & Tint right away for help.

Contact us online or give us a call, we’re here to help! Our team knows the best way to clean and prep for windshield chip repair, giving you better results. We can even travel to your location if a break happened on the way to work.