No-Tint Windshield Sunscreen!

It seems like there’s no escaping the sun no matter what part of the valley you are in. Your car’s interior is consistently getting blasted by UV rays that come through the windshield, and the same goes for your skin. UV window tint can bring relief, but it’s illegal to tint the front windshield. That’s where clear, non-tinted UV windshield protection film from Clear View Glass and Tint comes in handy!

The Benefits of No-Tint Windshield Sunscreen

For one thing, it’s completely legal, which is a necessary feature. One of the many other great benefits of non-tinted UV protection windshield kits is that they don’t block visibility or change the appearance of your vehicle at all! Unless you tell your friends how excited you are about the new upgrade, no one but you will know you’re getting these benefits every day:

  • Block 99% of the UV rays that cause skin cancer

  • Protect upholstery, dash, and other interior features from sun damage like fading and cracking

  • Minimize solar energy to reduce heat by an average of 16%

It’s no wonder customers want us to add these kits to over 40% of the new windshields we install!

Tintless UV Windshield Sunscreen at Clear View Glass and Tint

Even with all of our experience in the UV windshield tint industry, we find that the best work always starts with a thoughtful conversation with the customer. So-called experts from other companies might talk down to people, but we listen first and speak second. We’ll always seek to understand what you want from your UV windshield kit. Once you tell us what you’re after, we’ll explain all the options and get your approval before getting to work.

We’ll always work efficiently to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. You can wait in our comfortable lobby at Clear View Glass and Tint, or go about your life in one of our on-site rental cars for $7 per hour. Before you know it, we’ll be sending you on your way with our UV Windshield Kit and the lifetime warranty to match.

What Does No-Tint Windshield Protection Cost?

Every vehicle is a little bit different, so the price will depend on factors like the size, number, and location of windows. Part of our commitment to serving residents of Tucson and Phoenix is that we treat everyone like the unique individuals they are, which means you’ll get a customized quote based on your specific needs. While we can’t promise a precise price without learning more about your vehicle, we’re committed to the lowest prices in Phoenix and Tucson, starting at only $99 for some work.

Why Choose Clear View Glass and Tint?

Here at Clear View Glass and Tint, we’ve been serving Arizona residents since 2012. Our company is locally owned by people with more than 40 years of experience in the UV windshield tint industry, so we have the know-how to complete just about any project you might want. Every job we’ve completed in our years of service is a testament to our reputation and the honest way we approach business.

Whether you want UV windshield tint, tint-free windshield sunscreen, or just about anything else related to your auto glass needs, we’ll treat your car like it’s our own. Count on us to find the highest quality of glass and tint products on the market, then rely on our expertise and rest assured that we’ll do a quick, clean, professional work. Our team of friendly window tint installers is ready to show you what it means to be your best choice for auto tint in Phoenix and Tucson. Call us today to find out more:  520-393-3930.