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Clear View Glass and Tint simply is your best option for Arizona Auto Tint. We’ve spent years building our business by reputation and quality. Our lifetime warranty comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee; you’re going to be happy with our product and service. We have a trained team with over 40 years of experience. We use quality products that last and provide true value. When you think Arizona Auto Tint, think Clear View Glass and Tint.

If you live in Arizona, you’ve likely noticed that most cars and trucks have darkened windows. You may be wondering if this is just a popular style choice or if there’s an actual rationale behind it. While the darkened effect may have aesthetic appeal, there are several significant reasons people choose auto window tinting in Phoenix and Tucson.

Safeguard Your Health

Believe it or not, you’re actually exposed to harmful UV radiation while driving. Over time, this radiation can cause a range of problems, including the following:
• Accelerated signs of aging
• Eye damage
• Skin cancer

Auto window tinting can block as much as 99 percent of UV radiation, protecting your body from potentially serious conditions.

Why Choose Clear View for your Auto Tint

Clear View Glass and Tint only uses SunTek Auto Tint Films, the best quality tint available. Here are some of the other benefits of using Clear View for your Auto Tint.

• Lowest prices* in Phoenix & Tucson, starting at only $99
• Experienced, highly-trained Installation Team
• Locally owned and operated
• While You Wait: Comfortable Lobby
• All work carries a LIFETIME GUARANTEE


Preserve Your Upholstery

Sunlight can create wear and tear on your upholstery, including vinyl and leather. Materials can fade, discolor, crack or warp over long-term exposure. That can lead to expensive fixes and replacements. Fortunately, these effects can be avoided with window tinting, which shields your car’s interior from the same radiation that can be so harmful to the human body. A simple tint can help your vehicle retain value and save you some cash.

Beat the Heat

Most people looking for window tinting in Tucson and Phoenix do so to keep out the sizzling desert sun. The extreme Southwestern heat can lead to higher energy costs as drivers try to stay cool in temperatures that regularly exceed 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Window tinting can reduce heat by 70 percent, which means that it doesn’t take as long for your vehicle to cool down if it’s been sitting the sun. You can run the A/C less and still be comfortable without worrying about the gas you’re burning.

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Phoenix and Tucson are hot. Stay cool!

There is no reason you should be driving in Arizona without Auto Tint. Here are just a few of the reasons:

• Auto Tint seriously reduces the temperature in your car (less AC, less burning your butt)
• Reduce 61% of Solar Energy and 99% of Ultraviolet Rays
• Enhances the look of your vehicle (not only keeps you cool, makes you look cool)
• Preserves interior vinyl, upholstery, and leather
• Reduces glare for safer driving
• Extends the life of AC by reducing energy demands
• Increases privacy

So, you’ve decided to start looking for auto window tinting. Where should you go? It’s important to find professionals who will do a neat job that lasts. A poorly applied tint can result in bubbles and gaps, and can flake or peel off over time. You need tinting that does the job without faltering.

Clear View Glass and Tint is committed to providing the best service to the Phoenix, and Tucson communities, our home since 2012. Our expert team performs the highest quality installations, which are covered by a lifetime guarantee. To find out more or to get an estimate, contact us on our website or give us a call at (520) 393-3930.

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